About Us


Our mission

“‘Mens healthy in healthy corporates’”

Creating a better daily life for people with freedom to pedal:
 Health is the complete and harmonious union of soul, mind and body.

Creating innovative products for sport, to encourage and motivate people
 to use sustainable means of transport, do our best to create
 a world where we take more care of the environment,
 the planet’s resources and people.


About Us

We are Italians, Australians, Cyclists and Designers. We love Sport, Art, Photography but most of all we love Adventures and Nature. Meeting the needs and dreams of Out Customers is our top priority, and we hope to share with you exciting rides.
For us this isn’t just a job; it’s a passion, dedication and love, where quality, beauty and functionality are the foundation of our life philosophy.


Our passion

Let’s like sport, in particular the bicycle, on the contrary… let’s get off by bicycle! It allows us to love and live in nature, and to share life experiences with people of all ages…

We like to confront ourselves, build creative, technical and global teams, hear different views and analyse the different thoughts of our team to make a positive impact in the communities where we live and work.